About This Site

This site is maintained by Michael O'Dell. Although not exhaustive, it is intended to be a resource where the principal work done on the JFK acoustic evidence can be found in one place. Additional links to other articles may be added as times goes on, and of course any new substantial work that may be published by others will be linked here.

It is also my intent to post new work that I intend to write in the future. This includes an article summarizing the state of the acoustic evidence, and what we know about it now, after all these studies have been done. And work discussing the newest contributions from the Josiah "Tink" Thompson book, "Last Second in Dallas".

I also plan to publish here, through links to YouTube, all of the relevent recordings that I have, which are substantial and mostly unheard. These include nearly all the Dallas Police radio traffice recorded on November 22, 1963, from multiple Dictabelts and Audograph discs, and the copies actually used by the HSCA in the original studies, which are not the same ones that were used by the NRC's Committee on Ballistic Acoustics.

My involvement in this subject began as a casual interest triggered by reading the Washington Post article describing Don Thomas' new peer-reviewed article that seemingly validated the acoustice evidence, and therefore a conspiracy. The prospect of finally establishing the truth in this case through science was particularly appealing, and would have been regardless of the direction it took. I also wanted to hear these radio broadcasts myself. From there, a series of coincidences led to getting deeper. I just happened to meet Johann Rush in an online forum where the Thomas article was being discussed, and eventually Rush provided me a cassette tape containing very poor copies, and a paper copy of the report from the Committee on Ballistic Acoustics. I also just happened to have very good software already for working with and analyzing audio files. With these things, and copies of the HSCA studies, I set about trying to reconstruct what was reported in each of these works.

Nobody was surprised as much as I, when I seemed to discover a significant error in the CBA report. An error that led to the timing results just published by Thomas, and which when corrected invalidated his results. I reached out to Thomas to explain what I found, and with the help of Steve Barber, to the members of the committee who were working on a response. Both sides acknowledged the finding and its meaning, and from then on I was involved in the continuting work.

In the subsequent years there were other discoveries to come, not all of which have yet been shared. I plan to do that here.